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Welcome to our archives

In order to preserve and build on the considerable earlier work of former archivists Laurence Brown, Mike Millichamp and others, and in the process to make this readily available to any Sternian with access through the website, the Sternians’ Association has embarked on a project to digitise its archives. We are fortunate to have a valuable collection of published material in the shape of two annual magazines, The Sower, published from 1933 to 2012, and The Sternian, from 1958 and still going strong.

This site now provides easy access to a complete set of The Sower, The Sternian, plus a small selection of other items. The flexible and user-friendly search facility allows you to access by individual article, page or complete document.

It is a deliberate policy of the Association to allow unrestricted access to this archive. Any feedback is gratefully received at the Sternians’ Office.

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